About the company

Compagnie Corps Itinérants is a non profit organization governed by law 1901, created the 19th of July 2016. Through its artistic field, it develops the essential notions of sharing and collective exchange with the amateur, pre-professional and professional audience.

The Compagnie Corps Itinérants feeds on the art of contemporary dance that combines other arts fields such as music and physical theatre danced. Bodies move and are in constant motion, expressions are articulated, emotions are bouncing and voices are expressing. The game of composition of the bodies and the danced gestures inform us each time more about the living situation present before our eyes : the image.

An image of unconsciousness that plunges us into the choreographic and dramaturgic complexities of the dancer and the history of the play. The vision of reality is constantly challenged by the emergence of movement, directions of space, intentions and actions.