Become a patron of the Compagnie Corps Itinérants


By becoming a patron of the Compagnie Corps Itinérants, you support young creators and performers of the contemporary artistic landscape. You also contribute to the development of mediation events that allow young generations to open up to the world of dance and creation.

The benefits of patronage

For a company :

A tax deduction of 60% of the amount of your donation, within the limit of 0.5% of your annual turnover excluding tax.

Supporting the Compagnie Corps Itinérants will contribute to the development of your reputation, at the local level (Île-de-France), but also throughout the French territory and abroad during the tours.

Getting involved in supporting cultural actors is an important action that contributes to the attractiveness of the Occitanie region. In addition, it will allow you to promote the choreographic creations of Clara Villalba in order to enrich and diversify the local cultural fabric.

For an individual :

A tax deduction of 66% of the amount of your gift, up to 20% of your taxable income.

Being a patron of the company means becoming an actor in the development of young choreographic creation and its transmission in the school environment.

For all :

A privileged contact with the Compagnie Corps Itinérants, which can make you benefit from various counterparties. Do not hesitate to tell us about it via our contact page.

Make a donation

You wish to make a donation and we thank you very much.

For more information and/or to assist you in your steps, you can contact Clara Villalba, company administrator via our contact page.


Our sincere thanks to the various financial supports of the Compagnie Corps Itinérants. Thanks to you, our creations come to life !

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