HARDMONIA is a contemporary dance piece featuring two dancers: a man and a woman.

Through a sequence of rhythmic sound universes and a poetic light, the dancers will be led to communicate by pushing their limits, in a very refined setting. Only a large opaque brown canvas, two wooden planks and their bodies will be their means of expression, conflict, refuge and abandonment.  The goal is to find freedom of interpretation through the exercise of a powerful and physically intense choreographic writing that defies the laws of gravity, genres, repetition and speed.

Little by little the elements come to life through various ephemeral paintings that are chained, capturing real moments related to the daily life we live in and in the refuge of dreams and thoughts that we treasure in our intimacy.

How can the interpreters coexist with these subjects that surround them and give them a soul? Which messages seek to highlight the marathon sequence of these poetics images with physical contrasts and emotional?


New work 2020 – 2021

Short length: 10 min
Middle length : 20/30 min
Long length : 45 min


Choreographer : Clara VILLALBA

Dancers : Clara VILLALBA, Florent BRUN

Original composition and sound design : Jonathan FENEZ

Light design : German SCHWAB

Costume designer and maker : Laurence ALQUIER

Director and Executive assistant : Flore CAILLAT-GRENIER et Valentin WILLIET

Help in production : Mathilde CHEVALIER

Help in artistic creation : Région Occitanie, Département Hérault, Métropole et Ville de Montpellier

Production Compagnie Corps Itinérants

Coralisation and World Premiere

Armazem22/KALE Companhia de Dança (Ville du Portugal)

Residency Théâtre Le Colombier (Tarn, France)


End of residency “HARDMONIA” at Théâtre des Franciscains (Béziers) – 13B Boulevard Bertrand Duguesclin.

Free entrance. From 8 years old. Non obligatory reservation, be present 15mn before the beginning.

Residency in Théâtre le Colombier (Les Cabannes – Tarn, France) + Presentation end of residency postponed due to covid-19


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