It’s a wave, a charming swamp that soothes us, count our fears, our doubts, our desires. Three companions of travel : a dancer, a comedian, and a musician will pass through the way to hope, with their body, and their voices. The hope of being reborn. The hope of living together. The only witnesses, a bathtub, and twirling lights, will guide their steps in this chiaroscuro out of the mortals’ timeline. FERUSA is a human odyssey which brings a fundamental curiosity : how can solidary love express itself in the immensity of our world ?




​Choreography and staging : Clara VILLALBA

Dancer interpreter : Clara VILLALBA

Comedian interpreter : Aurélien FERRU

Music – original creation and interpretor : Jonathan FENEZ

Light creator : Nathan ROBLOT

Costume creator: Laurence ALQUIER

Support in production : Clara REBEIROT


Residency at the Gabriel Monet Studio – Domaine d’O (Montpellier – 34000)

Residency at Studio Libre – CDN – Théâtre des 13 vents (Montpellier – 34000)

Residency at l’Essieu du Batut (Murols – 12600)

Residency at Teatros Estudios Victor Cordon – CNB in Lisbon (Portugal)


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